High proficiency in whiteboarding, concepting,  brainstorming, sketching, wireframes, and prototyping in addition to running design sprint workshops

Take responsibility for the interface: find problems, propose solutions, recommend implementations, and execute on UI solutions to improve the user experience

Plan, design, and document design solutions to satisfy business requirements for complex strategies and projects


Run usability testing with customers and leverage data to guide designs

Works with iterative design processes, SCRUM and Agile methodologies

Firm believer in privacy by design and data driven design

Experienced in working with design systems

Experienced in SaaS solutions for enterprise, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations with 1000s of daily users. 

Team lead and highly experienced in working in a cross-functional organization, achieving goals through partnership and collaboration.


Collaborates with Product Managers, UX team, and Engineers during all phases of the project/process

Selected and managed multiple designers and creatives on variety of projects efficiently and with well-received results across the company

Ability to work independently and with a team, with or without direction


Excellent communication skills and ability to articulate design decisions

Evangelize and advocate for design within the broader team.


product mgmt

With a solid understanding of the users, steer not just the design but also, where appropriate, the product strategy

Research and develop a point-of-view on relevant market/design trends, consumer segments, and the competitive landscape to inspire and guide design directions

Create a customer-centric environment for team and contributors

Translate business problems and requirements into fresh, compelling design solutions and delightful user interfaces

Strong command of usability and accessibility standards and  of visual and user interface design disciplines and principles

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