I have a high proficiency in whiteboarding, concepting,  brainstorming, sketching, wireframes, and prototyping. 

I am quick to identify problems not only in UX but often when business requirements are not being met. I keep business goals front and center and propose solutions to meet these goals. 


I don't want to use the word "dead" but often journey mapping and user persona exercises are deliverables without purpose. I  believe in speaking to your users, you'll accomplish much more. My go-to methods of testing designs are: user interviews, usability testing and analytics tools, and quick surveys. Often through prototypes. 

I am a firm believer in privacy by design and data driven design

I prefer to work with existing design systems (such as Material Design) rather than reinventing the wheel. Mental models are strong tools that designers should use to their benefit. 

I am experienced in SaaS solutions for enterprise, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations with 1000s of daily users. 

I am a team lead and highly experienced in working in a cross-functional organization, achieving goals through partnership and collaboration.


I collaborate with product managers, UX team, engineers, and often business development/ sales during all phases of the project

I have selected and managed multiple designers and creatives on variety of projects efficiently

I have the ability to work independently and with a team, with or without direction


I have excellent communication skills and ability to articulate design decisions. My mother tongue is English 

I see it as my responsibility to ensure design is properly understood across the company and ensure its priority in the product


product mgmt

I have a solid understanding of the users, steer not just the design but also, where appropriate, the product strategy

As a designer, it is also my role to research and develop a point-of-view on relevant market/design trends, consumer segments, and the competitive landscape to inspire and guide design directions

I create a customer-centric environment for team and contributors

My work revolves around translating business problems and requirements into compelling design solutions and delightful user interfaces

I have a strong command of usability and accessibility standards and of visual and user interface design disciplines and principles