Fitness when & where you are

An app that brings ultimate flexibility to the fitness and wellness world


Mental models

The sharing economy is a recent development in the last decade that has created a new way in which we share our experiences and also profit off of previously untouched areas of our lives. 

This app aims to bring this element of flexibility and availability to the fitness and wellness world. By using existing design models similar to other marketplace apps, this new application plays on existing mental models to take what was previously a new concept and give users a familiar and delightful experience. 

Businesses are also users

Marketplaces aren't just for end users, but also an opportunity for businesses to promote themselves and reach new audiences. Part of any app is the data submission side, however in this app, it's the businesses that need to be creating this end of the data themselves.


Most small businesses  don't have the resources to develop their own back office tools. With this full platform, businesses receive an entire back office suite of tools to manage their business and promote themselves on the app. The ease of use is critical to this side of the platform which gives businesses an easy way to setup and edit the way they promote themselves. 


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