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Product Design 

for MutualArt

While I was the lead product designer for the entire platform, my main challenge was to create an analytics suite of decision support tools for the art market.

Head of Product

Product Design: Sara Eidelshtein

From Sketches

to Prototypes

I don't like to waste time. So after an initial scope, I like to start sketching and build some initial wireframes. This allowed me to come back to product managers and our insights analyst and explain my perspective of the user experience in a clear visual way.

Insights & Analytics

There's always a lot of pressure for a product to be absolutely perfect before launch. That would be great, if it was possible. But it's not. You need to put your stuff out there if you want to get user feedback to properly improve. So you launch BETA. And then you get your feedback. And then, you iterate. 

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This portfolio includes a limited amount of my work. Send me an email and I'll send you some more samples upon request.

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