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I am proficient in all stages of the design process, including research, competitive analysis, whiteboarding, concepting, brainstorming, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping. My approach extends beyond UX to address alignment with business requirements, ensuring that business goals remain at the forefront, and proposing solutions accordingly.

I leverage user-centric methods such as user interviews, usability testing, analytics tools, and quick surveys, often through prototypes, to inform design decisions.

I am a staunch advocate of privacy by design and data-driven design, prioritizing user data security and evidence-based decision-making. My design philosophy values the utilization of existing design systems to harness the strength of mental models for effective design.

My experience spans diverse domains, including SaaS solutions for enterprise, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations, serving millions of daily users.

I am a team lead and highly experienced in working in a cross-functional organization, achieving goals through partnership and collaboration.


I collaborate with product managers, UX team, engineers, and often business development/ sales during all phases of the project

I have selected and managed multiple designers and creatives on a variety of projects efficiently

I have the ability to work independently and with a team, with or without direction


I have excellent communication skills and ability to articulate design decisions. My mother tongue is English 

I see it as my responsibility to ensure design is properly understood across the company and ensure its priority in the product


product mgmt

I have a solid understanding of the users, steer not just the design but also, where appropriate, the product strategy

As a designer, it is also my role to research and develop a point-of-view on relevant market/design trends, consumer segments, and the competitive landscape to inspire and guide design directions

I create a customer-centric environment for team and contributors

My work revolves around translating business problems and requirements into compelling design solutions and delightful user interfaces

I have a strong command of usability and accessibility standards and of visual and user interface design disciplines and principles

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